Networking is the backbone of any business. You need to reliably move data around, whether its from pc to pc or from pc to cloud. Reliable, fast networks are key to an organizations efficiency.

Do you need managed routers?
Is your wireless the bottleneck of your network or the back door?
Is your network is currently working?
Is it working for you or against you?
Do you turn on your PC and hope or do you turn on your PC knowing that the world is at your fingertips?

Networking can be as simple as plugging in your ISP’s router and turning it on. However the default settings on most ISP routers are usually not configured for security and protection of your network. Plug and play works great for times when convenience and speed are more important than security and cost.

What about IPV6?
IPV6 is still on its way, however for all the news its generated, it doesn’t really mean much for the average consumer or business. Many larger ISP’s currently support IPV6, however IPV4 is still the common standard out there and will likley remain so for another 5 to 10 years.

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