With over 20 years of computer building experience we are able to help you find the right solution without wasting money. Everyone can put together some high end components and call it a gaming machine.
We offer custom solutions built to your needs.

Graphics are fun and sparkly, but if your SSD/HDD combo leave you waiting on data loading, its not very productive. If you don’t have the room to load it into memory, you cant work with it and/or its going to run like your old PC. The one with the turbo button.

With today’s water cooled behemoths its easy to spend more on your PC than your daily driver. So where, and how much should you spend to hit that sweet spot of productivity and efficiency?
That where 20 years of custom building experience comes in.

Need something more than a computer?
We also do hardware development.
Custom microprocessors/controllers for robotics to power control mechnisms.
Need a fan to come on when a temperature sensor reaches a set temperature?
Automate anything, including your home.

Efficiency with Integrity is not just a motto, its how we do business.

Reach out to us for more information and a quote.