Welcome to our live streaming Rabbit cam.
Watch Bab’s and Oliver as they go about their furry rabbit lives.
Read more about Bab’s and Oliver here. Reserve a furball of your own here.

The ramp you see helps separate the kits from the den. They can go up and over, but not come back.
I affectionately call it The Ramp to Abandonment as once they make that climb, they are officially out of the den.
Babs and Oliver have no issues going up and over either direction, and i think sometimes have fun doing so.
Or possibly the extra kicks are because they have alone time?

If the video feed is down, please message us via the contact page.

The video feed you end up seeing from YouTube is about 20 seconds behind real time.
The lag comes from the video streaming software and YouTube’s normal processing. I do not have any intentional delays turned on.

I stream using OBS directly to YouTube.
The feed is provided by a ReoLink RLC-410 at the end of 150′ of Cat5e using POE. I have 9 cameras in total across my property that record 24/7.

Ask me how to set up a stream of your own.