Meet Babs and Oliver

Babs breed is “American” and like any true American people she will come running if she thinks a treat is incoming. ­čÖé
She loves carrots and other leafy treats such as lettuce.
Babs name came from the animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures.
Babs has been a great mamma-rabbit so far and has not lost any kits to disease or weakness.
Shes not big on being held as she enjoys freedom in the yard, as any animal does. She will let herself be picked up without much complaint though. And once the belly scratchin starts she tends to hang out a while.

Oliver’s breed is a bit less certain.
We believe he is a s Lionhead dwarf mixed with a Netherland dwarf.
He is a fiercely independent sole that is constantly perturbed by this annoying cage. Determined to one day find the weakest link in that darn fence, he is visionary on a quest to reach the far ends of the earth.
Just, needs to find that weak spot in the fence first.

The underground nest Babs built was made accessible so we can check on the kits and ensure healthy litters.
Together Babs and Oliver produce these cute little bundles.

A nest at 3 days old – We do not disturb them short of checking to be sure they are doing ok.