Friends and entertainment

Rabbits thrive with at least one friend

Rabbits have a very active mind and can get bored quickly so keep them entertained by supplying them with friends and/or with lots of toys to play with.
Some ideas for toys: old cardboard boxes, leftover tissue and paper towel tubes, willow sticks, unfinished unpainted wicker/straw basket material, pine cones, most cat small dog and bird toys

Desexing (Spay/neuter)

If you are not planning to breed from your pet, desexing is recommended. It ensures a calm temperament and reduces the likelihood of some serious diseases.
Male and female rabbits are usually desexed from 4-6 months of age. The main reason for desexing female rabbits is the prevention of uterine cancer (it’s reported that 60-80% of rabbits may develop uterine cancer if left entire).
Please reach out to a vet for more information on desexing your rabbit.

Vaccinations and diseases

There are some common diseases and problems seen in rabbits that can be prevented by ensuring you have an understanding of what a healthy rabbit requires and the subtle signs that can tell you your rabbit is unwell. Rabbits are wonderful domesticated pets, but it should be remembered that they are very closely related to wild rabbits, and as such will hide signs of illness until they are very unwell, as this would make them “easy prey” in nature. We encourage close observations of your pet rabbit, a correct diet, up to date vaccinations and regular health checks to ensure you pick up the early signs of problems, and prevent diseases developing.