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Thank you for adopting, or thinking about adopting a rabbit from us. In the menu above are various pages with information to help ensure you know what to expect in rabbit ownership and so that your rabbit is an enjoyable, happy, healthy pet.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or pet needs.

Rabbit adoptions are FREE.
Reservations are $20.00

How does this work?
When the bunnies are born they have to hang out with mamma for a while, usually about 8 weeks.
When they are ready to go, we give them away. The first person to arrive gets first pick of the litter.
However, while they are still being cared for by mamma, we share pictures and videos of the cute little things on our website.
And of course sometimes people fall in love with a specific bunny.
If this is you, you can reserve your bunny by paying a $20 reservation fee. Once reserved, this bunny is yours when he or she is ready to be separated from the the litter.

Click here to reserve your favorite bunny.
Please note, reservations are not finalized until payment is complete.

We will have 10 bunnies available September 30th.

Visit the Rabbit Store for pricing on locally grown Timothy grass (nutritious food), straw (for bedding), and other accessories!