Thank you for adopting, or thinking about adopting a rabbit from us. In the menu above are various pages with information to help ensure you know what to expect in rabbit ownership and so that your rabbit is an enjoyable, happy, healthy pet.
Please note this site is an extension of my normal business in providing technology management solutions to customers. This is a fully functioning site, and the rabbits are available as noted below and on our reservations page. Raising rabbits is a hobby that takes advantage of my business.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or place an order for a general reservation to meet the bunnies in person and decide on your favorite.
We can usually accommodate most schedules and even short notices.

Visit our store to place a reservation

We raise rabbits to be pets and to become a part of your home and family.
To help ensure safe and loving forever homes we ask an adoption fee or reservation fee.
If someone is not willing to commit to an adoption or reservation fee, then it’s doubtful that they are willing to commit to a complete home for the rabbits. We do not raise our rabbits to end up alone in small cages in backyard corners.
In fact rabbits are very social animals and we recommend they always have at least one rabbit friend to share life with.
Please note that the adoption fee in no way makes these little furry packages profitable. Considering food and time vested we might break even. This is a hobby for us, and the site is a great way to make use of services i normally provide to customers also.
The adoption fee is more about ensuring someone is committed to a forever home for our baby rabbits.

Coupon codes can sometimes be provided for special circumstances.
Reach out to us for a list of active or upcoming coupons.
Schools/classrooms and other children centered education and/or non profit organizations are welcome to reach out to us for coupon codes also. We are happy to donate to education when possible.

Reservations vary based on breed and rarity.
They start at $20 and increase as appropriate.

How does this work?
When the bunnies are born they have to hang out with mamma for a while, usually about 8 weeks.
While they are still being cared for by mamma, we share pictures and videos of the cute little things on our website.
And of course sometimes people fall in love with a specific bunny.
If this is you, you can reserve your bunny by paying a reservation fee. Once reserved, this bunny is yours when he or she is ready to be separated from the the litter.
By the time they are ready we usually only have 1 or 2 left from a litter so we recommend you reserve your favorite now, or purchase a general reservation and we will contact you ASAP to coordinate a visit to pick out your favorite in person.

Click here to reserve your favorite bunny.
Please note, reservations are not finalized until payment is complete.
Upon pickup of your baby bunny your order will be marked as complete and an invoice will be emailed to you.

We will reach out to you as soon as we see your order to begin coordinating pickup of your new pet(s).

Visit our store to place a reservation