Young rabbits


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Christmas rabbits!
Fluffy bundles of loving warmth.
Christmas eve delivery options possible for an additional fee.
Reach out via the contact page, or place your order and we will reach out to you asap.

Bunnies will be homed in the order that orders are received.
First order will get first choice.

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The litter is in the ground (we let them borrow in the yard/pen) and should be ready soon.

As the litter is so new, we do not have a head count, colors, or sexes yet.
With it being the middle of winter we will not remove them from the den until they are almost ready to go.

Place your order now and we will contact you ASAP to coordinate.
Reach out to me via the contact page for any question not found in the rabbit area of the website.

Keep an eye on the family on the streaming page
The nest is in the hole to the far left of the screen.
Mom only feeds the litter once a day though so there is not much activity there for the time.